Investment Opportunities

A. Development of Town Homes

Development of 5 Town Homes near the Medical center. a 15 month project, Target funding $1 million, minimum investment $50000, fixed return offered 20% on exit in 15 months. funds secured by a 1st or 2nd lien on property.

B. Invest and Hold Investment

Invest and hold investment offer on low income rental property with current annual gross income of $275000 in the heart of the new Houston economic zone. property covers a full city block, has 32 single family homes, market value is over $ 3million. hold period 2 years for exit. fund size $ 2million, return offered 26% on maturity or 8% APR with quarterly payment option, remaining10% paid on maturity and exit. investment is secured by 1st lien on property.

C. Investment Fund

Investment fund for acquisition of distressed property. Fund size $3 million, hold period 3 years. return offered 15% per annum, properties will be acquired, repositioned and sold after Rehab..