About us

Both our partners Aziz Ahmed and Sam Samana are seasoned professionals and started as equity investors in RE over 10 years ago after realising that real capital growth is only possible with creative investments managed under cooperative arrangement.
Conventional investment categories like stocks ,bonds, precious metals and commodities are controlled by many intangibles and recognised losses can quickly turn into realised loss. investor money is used to grow someone else’s business and a small investor’s primary source of income is based on fluctuations of prices, market sentiments, politics, inflation etc. In short These conventional investment classes are subject to more volatility and thereby offer lower returns and are less secure.
Smart RE investments have low propensity for realised losses and offer a strong hedge against inflation.
Aziz has an MBA and served on senior management positions with major multinational and transnational companies before becoming a full time investor in RE and taking over as president of TMC elite homes.
Sam has a Masters in economics and has been in international trading of auto parts besides investing in RE together with Aziz. Sam heads finance and investor relations for TMC elite homes.