frequently asked questions

Is your investment safe?

The safety of your investment correlates directly with the project it has been invested in. depending on number of investors contributing they are either listed their own names or in the name of a fund as equity holders in the project. security of capital is thus assured and impact of realized loss is minimal.

What is the expected return?

Like safety, returns are never “guaranteed.” Returns are projections or targets, based on the specific fund’s strategy, asset allocation model, risk management, and other factors however based on past performance and accurate predictability the proposed return targets are achieved.

How am I paid?

Growth and income funds typically have some current distributions and some appreciation (“unrealized gains”) or future distributions upon sale or refinance of growth investments. new construction project return investment with profit within 15 days of closing of property sale.

What are My Tax Consequences?

Real Estate is the most tax-advantaged asset class. Some of the major benefits are: Depreciation, appreciation, amortization, cashflow.

How Liquid is my Investment??

Most open-ended funds and project specific investments have a lock-in period for maturity during which any funds you invest cannot be withdrawn except for specific emergencies.

Can I reinvest my earning

No, every type of fund / project closes on maturity, you may however re invest in a new project / fund at the time.

What about transparency and access to learning ?

You will be provided with an account access and your project accounts will be available for review always. you would be invited to attend get togethers with team members and our other partners and exchange information freely. you will also have access to our blogs and we will review and advise you on your other projects.