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About Company

TMC elite homes is a Texas based boutique RE investment and development company specialized in acquisitions, repositioning and re-development of RE assets in the short haul for exceptional returns to our partners and investors. The organization and its managing members have substantive interest in affordable housing, urban land holdings and new construction of value-added housing in close proximity of Houston downtown and the medical center. the two of the largest economic engines of prosperity for the region.
We offer our investors unique options for alternative investments with transparent hands on management of their portfolio providing them with different paths to secure wealth generation rarely offered by other competitors, not just that our investors have the benefit of hands-on training and our mentorship as well when they invest in our projects.
They benefit from our network industry professionals, other investors and legal experts who form our greater partnership team.

Investment options include:

  • interest free profit share partnerships specific to individual property ,developed and sold on completion, profit margins range between 15 % to 25% on average.
  • ownership interest in rent and hold properties acquired primarily for value appreciation. The maturity time frame is typically 3 years.. rate of return can vary between 25 % to 50% upon exit on maturity.
  • investment in equity funds for fixed annual returns, payable quarterly. such funds typically carry a return of 15% annually.
  • investment in land holdings for future development are usually acquired on cash. annual appreciation rates can vary between 10% to 20% in the short haul.